The Mobile Oasis Project by Miriam Sentler

The Mobile Oasis Project (2018)

Is an installation by artist Miriam Sentler during her Recidency at RAVI: Résidences-Ateliers Vivegnis International in Liège, Belgium. 

Read all about this impressive work on her website


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Christian Boltanski at Marian Goodman Gallery

One of the most impressive exhibitions I have seen this year! 

“I think all my work was to ask questions, and not to have answers. And the biggest question is that I believe that everybody is totally  unique and hence very important, and at the same time,  everybody is so fragile.”  – Christian Boltanski

More info at the website of Marian Goodman Gallery. 

Images by Jolien Dirix


A Reunion | Live Wild + Orpheus Standing Alone

Yesterday I had the please to meet the amazingly talented sister Camille & Anna at Playground in Dalston. Until today you can visit their little shop peeking into sisters Camille and Anna’s visual and cultural references. 

I got myself a little treasure, more about this soon!

More info on Facebook


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Last weekend I visited the latest exhibibition of Gilbert & George in one of my favourite galleries in Londen, White Cube.

Great Article in the Guardian

Gilbert & George make art that matters. It wants you to argue with it. It wants you to think. It wants to be part of life. At the centre of it are two men in love with everything they see. - Jonathan Jones  The Guardian




This weekend founder Jolien visited Walala x Play at the NOW Gallery in Greenwich, London. Impressed by how Camille Walala has transformed Greenwich Peninsula’s Now Gallery into a colour labyrinth of wonder.

Walala X Play is free to the public you can visit this colourful installation until 24 September 2017.

More images on our Instagram.


We are celebrating four years of D!NG whit this special issue representing emerging artist from all over the world. 

Miriam Sentler (UK) Alejandra Vargas Díaz (DE) Marinos Tsagkarakis (NL) Ann-Sophie Maeyaert  (UK) Alexandra Colmenares Cossio (BE) Sarah Van Looy (BE) Nina Smale (UK) Daniel Santalla (ES) Atena Abrahimia (LU) Luca Marianaccio (IT) Florian Kiniques (BE) Tine Deboelpaep (BE) Anneleen Swillen (BE) Flore Deman (BE) Ritsart Gobyn (BE) Sporken Benjamin (NL) Zoë Detrez (BE) Margré Steensma (NL) Anne-Sophie Guillet (BE) Jeroen De Wandel (BE) Malina Dabrowska (UK) Catharina Dhaen (BE) Jennifer Kesteleyn (BE) Catherine Lemblé (BE) Nicole Brock (BE) Fabrice Souvereyns (BE) Valérian Goalec (BE)

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Miriam Sentler

Miriam Sentler's latest performance in collaboration with artist Krista Smulders and historian Martin Poesen: Flintstone Fields (2017) 

Beautiful text and images on her website!

Photo by Ruben Vermeulen.

Photo by Ruben Vermeulen.