Designer + brand strategist + art lover

 I love to play around with visual identity, creative problem solving and intuitive strategic solutions.



Iggy & Burt is a small sustainable online fashion store, based in London. The new logo is purely typographic and it reflects a modern take on tradition because sustainable clothing doesn't need to be boring.



Autumn Yard is a restaurant located in Hackney, East London. It offers high-quality food and coffee. The visual identity of AY emphasizes a healthy lifestyle with a Scandinavian and minimal touch. The visual language is based on pastel colours with a strong typographic name and logo.



Architecture Initiative is a creative architecture and design studio based in Oxford Circus, Central London. The re-branding is focused on high-quality materials that represent durability. Duality and contrasts are visible throughout all the elements of the visual identity; from the image selection where the motifs shift from detail to overview, to the typeface, which is both angular and rounded at the same time.